2016 In Review

It's the end of the year and that means it's time to share a bit of the best of the blog. If you click on the highlighted links below they'll take you to the post/s I'm talking about {or you can skip the links and just read what I have to say}.
We were planning on going up to Vermont to celebrate New Year's Eve with Adam's family, but since the car needs to get worked on it looks like we're not going to be. 
So we'll be having a quiet little New Year's party of our own, here instead.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and I'll see you next Monday, in 2017! 


January: We did a lot in January. There was the usual snow and cold, we battled cabin fever, I took pictures with my Baba Goo and posted a yummy soup recipe
I can't believe how small Adri Rose still was! 



March:  was weird because we celebrated Easter and St. Patrick's Day both in this month. It also was really nice and warm out and we took quite a few walks. Oh, and we took a trip to Connecticut!


April:  April was a beautiful month. It was so warm outside. We went to the greenhouse, I talked about our morning routine, and posted a list of our favorite food films.


May:  May was a busy month. We had a family Memorial Day picnic early, watched our best friends, Julie and Chad get hitched, and had a little birthday celebration for Adri Rose with Adam's family (it was a week before her actual birthday). I also celebrated my first "real" Mother's Day.


June: Our little one turned ONE, we enjoyed summer, I got my wisdom teeth pulled, I wrote out my Summer Bucket List, and we celebrated Father's Day


July: We celebrated The Fourth, Julie and Chad came for a visit, it was hot, I posted my Book List (and some super cute pictures of my Wee One), and I talked a bit about motherhood.


August: Adriana and I took a trip to Connecticut again (and went swimming at the ocean), Adam and I took her to the zoo, I talked about daily life, we spent a lot of time in our garden, and outside overall.


September: we harvested our garden, made green tomato relish, went to the Corn Maze, played in leaves, and hiked at The Falls.


October: Wesley and Claire came up for a visit, we celebrated a birthday, everyone dressed up for Halloween, we carved pumpkins, and I did a little house tour.


November: we visited the Art Park, celebrated Thanksgiving, and I wrote a bit about days long gone by.


December: my baby turned eighteen months old, I posted the best shortbread recipe, I wrote out my Winter Bucket List and we celebrated Christmas.

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And, just for fun, the top six "best of the blog" posts (posts that got the most traffic this year) from Rosie's Ramblings.


  1. Rosie,
    How fun looking back through all the wonderful pictures.
    Happy New Year to you and yours.
    Wishing you a blessed 2017.
    Love to you,


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