What kind of camera do you use?

Almost all photos are taken with a Nikon D50. some of the earlier (before 2011) were taken with a small (and on the cheap side) canon. phone pictures prior to February 2016 are taken with an iPhone 4s, and a droid razr maxx and after that are taken with a droid turbo 2.

Do you edit your photos?

Other than fixing the contrast and brightness, no, not really.

Where do you live?

We live in New England.

What do you do for work?

I am a stay at home mom, and I work part-time from home about 20-30 hours a week. I do copywriting, and email/phone customer support, in addition to occasionally stocking my Etsy shop.

You talk about Vermont, did you grow up there?

No, I grew up in Connecticut, 15 minutes from the ocean. I lived in Vermont and managed a dairy farm there for over a year, Adam grew up in Vermont, and that is where we met.

What do you believe?

I am a born again Christian. I believe that God sent his Son to die for our sins, that if we believe in Him, we will be saved. I love the Lord, and my faith is very important to me.

Is your mom still blogging?

{for those of you that are new here, this answer will need a preface. My mom started a blog way back in 2006 and stopped blogging around 2011, after our family moved up to New York, from Connecticut. Many of the wonderful folks that visit here at Rosie's Ramblings first "met" our family when she was blogging, and miss her writings.}
My mom tragically passed away in 2018 and it was a devastating experience for all our family. 

How did you and Adam meet?
We were introduced by our bestest friends ever, Julie and Chad. Julie and I worked together, and Chad and Adam have known each other since they were 18 and are best friends.
It was a total blind date, I met him and said "eh, he's pretty nice, I won't mind hanging out with him" and he said (later, not in front of me!) "I'm going to marry that girl!"
Now, almost over two years later, we have two children together, and I've got a ring on my finger (an engagement one, we still have to get around to that marrying part, lol).