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I enjoy hearing from my readers so if you have a question, a comment, or just want to drop me a line you can email me at: forestglademaid{at}gmail{dot}com.

If you are looking to collaborate, partner, or advertise on Rosie's Ramblings please keep reading.

I love working with companies (particularly small, family run, or local shops and businesses).  
If you have a business related question you can contact me at annierryan{at}yahoo{dot}com where I'd be happy to discuss sponsored posts, product reviews, ad space, store mentions, and more.

Below is a small sample of some of the companies that I have worked with in the past. Click on the name to be taken to the post.


  1. Do you have the pattern for the crossover apron? Beautifully presented!

  2. Hi, Tammy.
    At this time I don't have a pattern yet, but hopefully at some point in the near future :)