The 10 Top Posts Of 2018

I'm not sure about everyone else, but I've really enjoyed reading other bloggers lists of their most popular posts from the past year. So, I figured it was about time to make my own post of the best of Rosie's Ramblings from 2018. It was kinda fun looking back and seeing what got the most views. Some I was not surprised at all about since I already had an idea, but others I didn't realize had gotten that much traffic.
So, here are my top 10 most visited posts in 2018, according to my analytics.

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This post is always and forever my number one top post. It gets thousands and thousands of views every year, and I still don't know why. Other than maybe everyone loves Lord Of The Rings? Anyway, this goes way back to my days sewing costumes.

One of the aforementioned not-surprised-at-all-by posts. Each one of you was so kind when I shared our loss, and I am still shocked at how many of you reached out with kindness during our time of grief.

This post was a follow-up and I'm assuming many wanted to know how we were doing. Yet again, so sweet of each one of you who reached out to us.

I bought a new diaper bag and shared about it. It's still my favorite diaper bag and I have since then bought another one, and I also have a third one (a different design) that is waterproof that I use in the Winter time.

I shared a couple weeks back an old post from Eyes of Wonder. I'm thinking that maybe I should do it again sometime soon, as everyone seemed to really enjoy it. 

Another old post that seems to still get a lot of traffic around here. More harkening back to my sewing days, before I got busy with two kiddos ;)

I still can't believe this was among the top 12. We had such a fun visit at that time though (at least I did). It was before things got busy with all the packing and helping my dad and sisters to move.

8. Home again, home again, jiggity, jig.
To be honest this one DID surprise me. I had no idea it got so many views. And It was just talking about being back from another CT visit. 

I was actually a little surprised that this one was towards the last of the 10 popular posts. I would have thought that it had more traffic. I guess that's why it's fun to actually go and look at my analytics, right?

And, lastly, I think that is that last Friday Favorites post that I've done on the blog (I'm not sure why I stopped?). However, I'm thinking maybe I should bring it back as a weekly thing? Yes? No? Let me know!

A great big thank you to each one of you. I love hearing from you, and I honestly really do love the community that is found in blogging and on Instagram. And while I'd still be blogging even if it was just me on here, you guys sure make it so much more fun! 


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