~The Battle Dress~

This is a dress that I designed and sewed awhile ago. It is one of the costumes for the movie we are filming.
It is basically copied from Eowyn's dress from The Two Towers .
The underdress is made out of oatmeal linen (and I didn't sew that ).
It laces up the sides and is just a basic princess seam style. The fabric is a wonderful silk blend and drapes so nicely.
I was so pleased with the way it turned out. It's long, swirly, and so medieval.

Photos below are of the original dress.


  1. I really like that!! I want to make one!!
    What movie were yall making?


  2. Wow rosie!! Good job!! Really like it (:
    BTW sorry I commented so late..I am only seeing this post for the first time now(:

  3. Is there a pattern for the outer dress? I

    1. Hello,
      No, I'm sorry, I didn't draft a pattern when I designed the dress. If you search online I believe that there are similar patterns though.



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