Day In The Life (First Day of School Edition)

6am I wake up, and open my computer first thing. Adam hits snooze on his alarm a rolls over for 5 more minutes of sleep before waking up. Piper (my early bird) wakes and comes and crawls in bed next to me.

6:30am Adam leaves for work and Piper watches her tablet while I keep working.

7am I walk the dog and then we move out onto the couch, where I keep answering emails and Piper plays on the floor with her toys.

7:30am I get up and start to pick up the house, make my bed, and put a load of laundry in.

8am Adri gets up and I make breakfast for myself and the kiddos. While the kids eat I go and have my Monday morning meeting with my work team.

9am I wrap up work stuff and quickly clean up the house with the kiddos. Also, I make a phone call about a bill that I was charged too much for, and that takes a good 30 minutes to skirt the automated system and talk to a real person.

10am -11am I get the kids dressed and then take them out to the front porch for quick First Day of School photos. Then we sit down and open up our schoolbooks.

11:30am I make the kiddos PB and Js for lunch. They have some quiet time, and I eat lunch and check emails for work.

12:30pm we read some stories and then I have the kids go play for a bit while I do lunch dishes, make a couple of phone calls and take care of some work-related stuff.

1:30pm We pack up the car and stop at Dunkin Donuts to grab coffees and slushies to celebrate the first day of school and then head over to my dad's to visit with the aunties.

3:00pm We are getting ready to head home and I see that someone has posted a train table (something that I've been looking for) on FB Marketplace, for only $10. I message the gal and arrange to pick up in 15 minutes. We grab the table and head home (I was supposed to meet a friend for an afternoon walk, but the day got away from us and we end up rescheduling for tomorrow). 

4:00pm the girls set up their Legos on the train table in the living room (the purpose of the table) while I chop veggies and Adam grills chicken. We make salads for dinner (the girls eat chicken and rice) and relax for a bit.

5:30pm I clean up the kitchen and the girls play outside. Adam goes to play video games with a friend, and the girls grab their scooters and we start out on our evening walk around the block. Halfway up the street, Adri's scooter wheel comes off (a bolt came loose) and we take the scooter back to the house.

5:45pm we start out on our walk again; this time Adri walking the dog and Piper is still on her scooter. We walk around two blocks and make it home. The kids ride their bikes for a few minutes, while I pick up the house. 

6:30pm the girls come in and take their baths and brush their teeth. I let them play a game on the Nintendo switch while I check work emails and update this blog post (so I don't forget anything).

7pm I make some popcorn and we watch an episode of Full House. Then it's bedtime.

Piper falls asleep right away because she missed her nap, but Adri takes forever to drift off. Finally, both kids are asleep and I head to bed,

9:30pm I get into bed (Adam's watching a football game) and finish watching a little more of my show (Parenthood) before I turn the lights off right before 10pm and fall to sleep.

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(below: bonus photos of our trip to the Cider Mill and Summer Pops in the park on Saturday)


  1. Busy but fun day. The blessing of homeschooling in being able to go to see the aunties in the middle of the afternoon!


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