A Day in the Life: Halloween Week Edition

What's this? I finally, after an entire year, got around to posting a new Day in the Life blog post! It takes some remembering to keep track of taking photos and writing down what's going on for the day, which is why I don't post these very often (popular as they are!). 

Okay, so let's dive in. Here's our day, yesterday! 

7 am
Piper wakes up and starts to move around. She nurses for a few minutes, and then we get up and head to the couch.
I turn on the coffee pot, and we snuggle for a bit.

7:20 am
I start drinking coffee and answering emails. Piper watches something on her tablet until Adri gets up around 8 am, and then they play together. 

8:15 am
I work on two writing projects and take care of some more emails. 

9 am
Adam calls to check in on his break, and then we pack some breakfast snacks and head out on our walk. 
We cut through the park, and I let the girls get out and run around for a bit before we head back to the house. 

10 am
Back home, I make breakfast for all of us (eggs for me, cereal for the girls).
I pull out salmon to thaw for dinner and check my to-do list.

11 am
We turn on music and clean up the house. I clean out the fridge and wash the sheets, as well as pick up the girl's messy room. 
I decide to make a Halloween craft with the girls, so we make some easy no-sew ghosts, which Adri insists on hanging on the fan so that they fly around. 

1 pm
Piper is fighting her nap, so I work on some blogging stuff, and the girls play for a while.
I finally take a shower and dress for the day and then get the girls dressed. 

2:30 pm
Piper finally crashes for her nap, and I do school with Adri. 

3:15 pm
Adam arrives home from work, and Piper wakes from her late nap. 
I visit with Adam for a few minutes and get the girls ready to walk around the corner to the playground.

4 pm
I take the girls to the playground, and sister Julia walks over from her house to join us for a bit. She brings sister Celeisa with her, who is spending the night at her place. 
We visit, and the kids run around. 

5 pm
Back home again. 
I try to start dinner, and the four-year-old throws a massive fit because she can't play on her tablet. 
Adam and I get her settled down and then get both kiddos set up, making homemade slime

5:45 pm
Dinner is made (honey mustard salmon, brown rice, veggies, and salad). We eat, and then I clean up while the kids play. 

6:30 pm
Bathtime for the kids while Adam takes the trash out. 
We clean up the house, and I put the clean pillowcases on the beds (they were in the dryer).
I took a writing project earlier, so I end up sitting down and writing that quickly.

7:30 pm
Time to settle down. The girls watch something on their tablets, and Adam and I watch a couple episodes of Stargate Atlantis. 

9 pm
Bedtime for everyone (well, I watch an episode of This is Us before I fall asleep-Adam and the girls pass out).

That's it! Thanks for following along on our day!