24 Months of Piper Mae

My sweet tiny littlest is turning TWO next week. I'm feeling all the feels right now. I can't believe that Piper has been in our lives for two whole years already. 
We are celebrating her birthday on the 2nd, but I'm sure we'll also do a little something on the actual day for her (maybe a trip to some fun place that she likes?). 

At almost two years old Piper Mae is the funniest, sweetest, busiest little person. 
She's talking up a storm and still shows no intention of breaking free from me (she's still my little shadow). 

She loves to play with Adri, read books, swim, run, play, bounce on the beds, and jump off furniture. She's my little wild child. 

Down below we have a list of my Piper Mae updates from the past two years (I'm pretty proud of myself that I only missed ONE update, even though we moved twice during that time!). 
Click on the links to go to the post and read details. 


Nineteen Months (no link). 


Twenty-four Months
(coming soon!)


  1. Congratulations on having this little cutie in your lives. I'm typing this as I'm lying down nursing Hadassah (17 months). Purer joys don't exist. 😍


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