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I've been MIA. It's good to be back.

Happy May!  I missed the monthly update there, back in April. My only excuse is that life has been BUSY.  We've done a lot since March.  We got the garden ready and started planting, and bought a new batch of chicks (I couldn't pass up Lavender Orpingtons). We celebrate our 10th (!!) anniversary. Lawrence's 2nd birthday, Adri moving up ANOTHER belt level in karate, celebrated Easter Sunday, had a week of Cooking Camp (for the girls), and did a bunch of yard work. Oh, yeah, and throw school, cooking, and a bunch of hiking in there too!  So, yes, we've been really busy. The weather has officially (finally!) warmed up and it's nice to have some warm Spring days (in between a lot of rain).  We are already looking forward to Summer here. The kiddos are all talking about camping, swimming, and more cookouts.  We are nearing the end of our school year, and while we are still pushing through, we are definitely losing steam. I'm not sure why the last 2 months are always

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