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  What a month so far!  We've been (still) busy. Lots of swimming, karate, reading, gardening, sewing, and cooking.  We went camping over the 4th of July and the kiddos had a blast! We ended up having to cut it a little short due to rain, but I see us doing it again soon.  I was a little bit worried the kids would get bored/not sleep well, etc, but they did great and want to go again as soon as possible. So, I think I'm calling our first camping trip with 3 wild ones a success.  So far the month of July has been a record-breaking hot here in New England, and the humidity has been crazy. When it's not hot it's raining (or still hot AND raining).  Good for the garden, not so good for us.  Yesterday we celebrated the newest Ryan baby (coming August 2024!) and today we are off to a friend's 18th birthday party.  It's funny how these summer weekends just seem to fill up right away, keeping us busy and partying!  I hope your summer so far is as lovely as ours has been

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