Oh, hey Spring

  • Hey, Happy Monday and Happy SPRING! The past few days sure haven't FELT like Spring, but I'm holding out hope for better weather in April. 
  • This month has FLOWN by. We've done a lot of cooking, cleaning (decluttering), reading, playing outside. and homeschool meetups. 
  • We've also been preparing the garden for planting, and I really need to go get some cold weather (Spring) crops in the ground. We keep it easy with only greens, peas, and radishes.
  • It's funny how as we near the end of the school year it seems to get so much harder. It's like, with an end in sight we all just want to be DONE. I'm working hard on keeping things fun and entertaining and avoiding joining in with all the moaning and "Do we really have to??"
  • Also, does Easter seem too early this year? Like, why is it in March? Shouldn't it be April (I know how it works, but Easter in March will always seem weird to me)?
  • A week or so ago we went and explored a place here in Connecticut. It's the little-known "Little People" Village and it was so cool! Maybe a little creepy, but so much fun and the kids had a blast.
  • The entire adventure was a little random, as I had wanted to go and we ended up tossing the kids in the car on a Monday afternoon and driving over an hour to find the place. It was totally worth it in the end though. 
  •  Our new batch of chicks and ducks are getting so big! We have definitely been way more lax about holding these guys than we were with last year's batch. I mean, we have been busy and I find that most days I'm lucky if we feed, let alone hold them (I'm kidding, But, STILL).
Okay, off to make breakfast. And more coffee. Always more coffee. 

How's your March been?