Too much weather, water in the basement and other random ramblings

Happy Thursday! 
Last night we experienced the coldest temps we have yet this year, and it is COLD. Weather like this makes me so thankful for a working (albeit old) furnace and subsequently warm house. 
Yesterday I realized we had been stuck inside since SATURDAY (yes, the kiddos and I had not left the house in four days) so we bundled up, took a drive to see the waves, got burgers, and went to the thrift store before karate. 
Homeschooling and working from home has its perks until you realize that you maybe should get out and see other people at some point. Oops.

Anyway, we had fun. 

Below is a random collection of photos from the past couple of weeks. 
We had a ton of rain flooding in our area (before the chill set in) and it's done a number on our basement. Thank goodness we have a sump pump to drain water out or we'd be rowing down there (not kidding at all)! That said, it's pretty wet and some of the area rugs we have thrown down are ruined. 
I've got to be honest, it's been over a week and I'm a little bit frustrated that between the sump pump and the dehumidifier, it's not dry down there yet. 

Moving on from the weather. 

School is going well! This year we seem to have a really good rhythm going (which does not happen every year, so I'll take it when I get it!). I think I may be relaxing more as well, as the years go by and I'm sure that helps. Hard to believe that this is our FOURTH year of homeschooling! 

Even with the rain and the cool temps, the kiddos have been getting outside almost every day. They bundle up and brave any weather, which I love, and is awesome for burning off all that excess energy. 

The gals (hens) are still laying! Not everyone, but most are still laying an egg every day. So, while I've had to buy eggs once or twice, so far it hasn't been often. Nothing beats fresh eggs.

Two out of three kiddos are awake now and Child #2 keeps asking me multiple questions ("What color are jasmine flowers?" and "Is Jack Frost really married to Elsa?")  have already been asked and it's only 6:30).
Why do I get the feeling it is going to be a long day? 🤣

Have a lovely Thursday!

P.S. Enjoy all the random photos from New Year's Eve and day, homeschool hikes, a visit to a local dairy farm, selfies, and our first snowfall of the year!


  1. I spend most of my time here at home, going out means seeing people and i don't do peopling as my daughter would say.

    Yes fresh eggs are suppose to be good, my mum use to get them straight from the chook as a child.


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