Happy 2024!

Happy 2024! How is it ALREADY the New Year? This last quarter flew by and we are already into the first week of January. Wow.  
Side note. I introduced the children to The Jetson's the other day. Just to show them what everyone thought life would be like in 2024. Minds. Blown.

December was a busy month, to say the least. We packed in a ton of activities and festivities, and, while I wouldn't trade it for anything, the peace and quiet of this month is kind of welcome. 

We had our first Wild + Free homeschool group meetup yesterday, and the weather turned out lovely. It is so nice to have such a wonderful group to connect with and band together to raise our kiddos. Community is a blessed thing. 

This weekend snow is in the forecast. It will be the first snow of the year and the children are SO excited, I keep warning them that we'll probably get rain (which is more than likely) so they are not too disappointed.
Speaking of the weekend, it's the first in a while that we don't really have a ton of plans. Adriana has karate in the morning, and we may make a dump run, but other than that we are taking it easy and watching football. This past year the kids have gotten even more involved in the football fun and it's really turned into a family thing. And with GB Packers, Patriots, Miami Dolphins, and KC Chiefs fans in the house it means we've got a lot of lowkey-fun competition going on. 

The photos below are just a small representation of life lately. As always, if you want more in real-time I'm always sharing in my stories over on Instagram. But don't worry, this little space is here to stay. Don't forget to always have a back-up, owned-by-you platform so you don't lose everything overnight. I've heard horror stories of social accounts disappearing overnight, and it would be a shame to lose all those photos and connections. So, I always keep it here as well! 

Okay, Hopping down off the podium. 

I'm off to make more coffee, and snuggle babes on the couch. 
Have a lovely weekend. 


  1. Oh my goodness the Jetson's now that takes me back and 2024 is nothing like they predicted can't imagine flying cars and robot maids.

    Loved all these photos that brightened my morning and sometime my mornings really need brightening up.

    I will be back...........


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