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So much has changed since I started this little blog 13 whole years ago. Social media has turned into an animal of a whole 'nother color! Sometimes I look back on old posts and see such a completely different person, who is yet weirdly very much the same. I mean, I'm still over here planting gardens, canning food, and reading books. 

Does anyone miss it? The eagerly waiting to see if someone had posted that day? Grabbing a cup of tea or coffee and visiting your favorite bookmarked blogs? The long chats in the comment sections? The terrible photos that were way too many versions of the same ones? Reading someone's REAL thoughts and not just scrolling a screen? How about the wonderful lack of links, sponsored posts, and 30 people pushing the SAME EXACT PRODUCT ON LAUNCH DAY? (that one always really gets to me: "We know, we know. You were ALL approached by the same brand").

So. Let's fix that.

Today I'm throwing it back to a good old blog post. Unedited photos (plus, way too many) and all.

What have we been up to lately? Here you go...
  • All of August was pretty cold (for this time of year around here) and it rained a lot. 
  • Then September came and it got really warm. We've gone swimming a lot (to make up for the lack of it in August).
  • We celebrated Piper Mae's 6th birthday (she had a very detailed list of what she wanted to do, starting with roller skating, and ending with going out for Chinese food). 
  • We've been harvesting everything from the garden and freezing and canning like crazy. 
  • We started school back up for the year and let me say, having TWO now officially in school is keeping me busy (not to mention one very active toddler). 
  • Our Wild + Free homeschool group has been busy as well, and I've been planning some fun events for this school year. 
  • Tomorrow is Hobbit Day (we are going on our 9th year of celebrating it as a family!). So, that means Mushroom Pie for dinner, and all things Hobbit. A delightful day indeed (it's basically a holiday around here).
  • We've been going for more walks again, now that the weather is a little nicer and it's cooled off.
  • Football has started back up and we are all rooting for our favorite teams over here. 
  • Adriana is still super active with karate and I'm so proud about how she's stuck with it. Next week she graduates to a blue belt and she's super excited. For those who don't know karate stuff, it's a pretty big deal and it took her a lot of hard work to get there! 
  • Our weekend plans are to lay pretty low. It's supposed to rain a lot, so we are probably going to have a couple lazy days filled with reading, Mario Kart, lots of good food, and a pile of books. 
  • Speaking of books, I've been reading this and it's every bit as good as everyone has said it is!

Okay. I really need to go and start my day here. There is more coffee to make, eggs to collect, and children to feed. Have a wonderful Thursday! 



  1. I still am the person that looks forward to blog posts. I really enjoy reading about your family. I read your Mom's blog and feel like I know everyone (not in a creepy way) So thanks for this post!


  2. I do still get beyond excited when I see blog posts so thank you for this and keep them coming (please!)

  3. Yes! I don’t have social media, and only read a few blogs that I’ve been reading for years including yours! Some days I want to drop it altogether, but I have so enjoyed the lovely pictures (free magazine) of food and home decor. I know you may get tired of hearing this, but your mama’s blog was the coziest spot in all of webby world!
    ~Laura in Va.

  4. Love a good blog post, beautiful kids, lovely pictures! Blessings from Australia- Tania

  5. Loved this blog post and laughed so hard about the days when 30 bloggers posted the same product on launch day! (Oh how well I remember! I've been blogging since 2009). Your children are ADORABLE and I could look at your photos over and over again! Thanks for making me smile!

  6. I do enjoy social media, but I miss the old blogging days! Thanks for a great bloggy post!

  7. very excited to see a blog post from you:)

  8. I love how you put that first paragraph! Yes...things have definitely changed with social media. I haven't posted on my blog in two years.

    It looks like things are going well for you. These are wonderful years for you...enjoy them! :o) This is my last year of homeschooling. My youngest is a senior and it's quite bittersweet! But now is the time for grandbabies...and I love it!


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