End of summer review

While the weather is still hot, we are wrapping up summer over here. Next weekend my middle child turns SIX and then the following week we start school back up for real, and my life gets just that much busier. 

This has been a little bit of a strange summer, to be honest, We've had a lot of rain and it's been unseasonably cool for New England. We didn't go to the beach quite as much as I'd hoped to and we probably could have done more "fun" stuff.

But we have read a lot, worked in the garden a lot, canned, cooked, and made a lot. 
We saw the cousins in TWO plays, went to the Dino Park, and the aquarium twice, 
Had 4/5 family members' first Five Guys experience, visited the Pequot Museum, and went to the library a lot. 

And we always have next year for more adventures. 

Honestly, this summer has flown by. 

Now this is a Monday morning, and I've decided it is high time to update this little place, that these days is often neglected. 

This week is pretty clear from activities, other than our beginning of the school year meet-up with our Wild + Free Group on Friday. I'm planning on spending some time making sure that I have all the workbooks ready to go and in order; prepping for next week.

I'm off to drink more coffee and cuddle the wee ones that are waking up. 

Happy Monday!

P.S. Enjoy this slew of photos that showcase the highlights of our summer.


  1. Hi Rosie, just wanted to say that your pictures always bless and inspire me so much. Thank you for posting. I also love the way you decorate your home. I know you love plants and vintage things, but any other decorating tips would be very welcome. Oh, and your food pictures inspire me even more! Oh, and the way you care for your family...Thank you once again for being such an inspiration. The only thing better would be if you could post more often!!!


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