Easter Things & At The Sea

"I followed my heart and it lead me to the blue ocean"

Another slew of random photos from the past few weeks/last month. Some long-delayed Easter photos and our first little "beach day" with some of the cousins, letting our butterflies from Grandma go, hanging with our Wild + Free group, Adri's play costume, mall trip with my girls, and when I took the kids on a surprise trip out to lunch at the Chinese food buffet. 

Last weekend we celebrated brother Sam getting married to lovely Kayla (where I MAJORLY failed at getting pictures) and this past weekend Adri was in her play (photos of that to come). 

This week is promising to be a beautiful one and we are planning on wrapping up school and enjoying the weather. Summer is headed our way and we are excited!

Piper helped me plant our front garden with zucchini, watermelon, cantaloupe, and yellow squash yesterday and later this week we need to plant some cucumbers too. We have a real squirrel problem here and need to plant twice as many seeds to compensate for all the ones they dig up/steal. 

Our chickens and ducks are doing SO good this year and are already so big! They are now outside officially 24/7 and happy as pie. 

Have a great week (look at me blogging on a MONDAY. This deserves to be documented forever)!