Hello, Spring

This poor little blog is neglected terribly lately. To think. I use to be such a good poster! That was in another lifetime though, I do realize. Before three children, homeschooling, and a multitude of ALL THE THINGS.

Life has been good lately, albeit busy.
Today and tomorrow are especially busy since Brother Sam is getting married. That's Right. Tomorrow he ties the knot and we are so excited for him! The next 48 hours promise to be filled with wedding festivities. We have the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner tonight, and the big day tomorrow. 

We've been doing lots of outdoor things lately, such as building the chicken/duck run, Planting our spring garden, and playing outside. 
We are also wrapping up school for the year and always at this point, I'm SO ready for a break,. We don't really follow "traditional" school schedules and rarely take breaks, so we're always done fairly early in the year. Both a blessing and a curse, I guess, since it's nice to be almost done, but hardly any breaks mean we are REALLY ready to be done! 

Adri has been doing theater this year (in case you missed it) and her play (Matilda) is next week. I'll try to stay on top of it and post photos of her big day. She's super excited and was out on the deck practicing her dance moves yesterday. So cute. I can't believe she'll be 8 so soon!

My baby boy is also turning ONE next week and it's crazy to think it's already been one entire year since his birth. He's walking, talking (mama, dada, Adri, Piper, Daisy, and Nurse), and always on the go. He LOVES to eat. Like, all the time. He can never get enough. He's our sweet, easy-going, precious little buddy and we love him. 

Current nicknames include, but are not limited to: 

Lar Lar
Dude Man
Poopy Head (christened by Piper, but I told her it can't stay).
Little Man
L Dog

I'm sure will be adding to the list before long. 

I'm sitting typing while all my children sleep, But I'm going to go and get some coffee and curl up with my book to enjoy some glorious peacefulness before a busy day. 

Happy Thursday!