Life Lately. March Edition.

This year is flying by! We're still busy over here, with all of life's happenings. We had some delightfully Spring-like weather in the middle of February and then it decided to get cold again and give us one end-of Winter storm with a bunch of snow. The kiddos were thrilled that they got some sledding in! 

We are dreaming of real Spring days over here, and I'm ready to clean up our muddy yard and start our garden. Open windows, longer days, walks on the beach, and hikes. Can you tell we are kinda going just a little stir-crazy? 

In addition to karate, Adri decided to be in a play this year. Her cousins have been in quite a few productions and she wanted to give it a try (I asked Piper whether she wanted to and of course, she said NO). The play is Matilda, and she is cast as a "little child". She does sing a lot though, and she's pretty excited about it. She has a couple months of practice ahead so we'll see how she still likes it (I have my doubts about her being a true "theater kid").

Our little man is growing bigger every day. He's talking up a storm and starting to stand on his own (I think walking is just around the corner). He's now interested in food and has been trying lots of new things, with Cheerios and grated cheese being the most popular. 

Below we have a random collection of the past couple of months. A bridal shower, a little Valentine's Day party with some of the cousins, snow days, and pet store adventures. 

Happy Tuesday! 


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