Wrapping Up October

Happy Halloween Weekend! This past month has been busy with karate, pumpkin carving, reading, cooking, learning, going to the Renn Faire, visiting the park, taking long hikes, corn maze, library visits, a fairy garden adventure, and much much more! 

I feel like October FLEW by! It's still fairly warm here in our little New England town. The weather only just got chilly at night lately and I heard the furnace kick on this morning. 

This weekend we are having our big Halloween party and everyone shows up in costume for chili, cornbread, and butterbeer. I can't wait. It's one of our favorite holiday celebrations.

Does anyone else feel terribly rushed with the holidays? I mean, it's not even Halloween and there are CHRISTMAS decorations out at the store! Like, WHHHAAATTT? I'm trying to motivate myself to start planning Christmas gifts at the very least, but this year has been a busy one and the baby doesn't leave me much time for planning, so we'll see what happens.

Have a great Saturday!