Happy October 1st!

Happy October 1st! It's Halloween month and we are excited! I have some fun stuff planned this month (pumpkins, cider mill, corn maze, and things like that).

Today we were SUPPOSED to be going to the Ren Faire, however, we are getting hit with some of the rain from Hurricane Ian, and it's going to rain all weekend. So, Faire is next weekend now. 

Instead, we switched our plans to staying in, watching Halloween movies, making popcorn, putting up some new window stars, and playing some board games. 

But first, Piper and I have Mario Kart to play. I don't think I've mentioned it before, but every Saturday morning is "Mario Kart morning" and Piper (sometimes Adri) and I play together. We've been doing it for a couple of years now, and it's our weekend thing.

I have here another slew of photos. I've still been taking SO MANY but I have little to no time to post anything. So, for now, it looks as though you are getting about 30 at a time in a post. 

We have here tons of stuff. A book signing I went to in MA, tea time (we are making Friday afternoon tea parties a thing), making fruit leather, hikes with some of the cousins, adventure with some of the sisters, playing in the ocean, Friday night fires, and much more! 

I'm off to drink coffee and play Mario Kart. 

Happy Weekend!