Summertime Recap

What a Summer it's been! These are probably only 1/4 of the many photos I've taken over the past few months! I can't believe that Summer is ending fast here and we're headed into Fall! 

We planted a HUGE garden, swam a lot, read books, explored local museums, ate good food, grilled out all the time, went to the outdoor movie theater, and basically did ALL THE THINGS.

The kiddos started school again, the weather has cooled off and Fall is in the air. Which I honestly really don't mind. This year (for like the first time ever) I'm ready for cider, apples, pumpkins, falling leaves, and cozy sweaters! 

Recent highlights: 

+ Our little Wee One has grown so big. He's talking and rolling and being the cutest ever. 

+ This coming weekend we celebrate Piper's 5th birthday (it was this past Saturday).

+ Adri started Karate and she LOVES it, 

+ Piper starts dance (for the 2nd year) next week. 

+ We are already planning Halloween costumes (it's never too early). 

+ Football season is HERE and we are here for it! 

+We harvested most of the garden and made sauce, green tomato relish, pesto, Amish refrigerator pickles, and dilly beans. 

Baby has a bad cold and this mama has had no sleep. So, this old-fashioned blog post is brought to you courtesy of 5AM wake time. 

Have a lovely Wednesday! 



  1. The picture of Piper in the blue chair - reminds me of your Mom. (((Hugs)))


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