Lawrence's Birth Story

I can't believe that it has been almost 3 months since baby Ren was born! Honestly, those past 3 months have been WILD ones. Going from two to three children has been a hard transition, and it's kept both Adam and me crazy busy. That and the fact that it is summer and we are busy doing all the summer things over here. 

Anyway, here is Ren's birth story. Finally. I keep putting off writing it, but I know that I want to write it all down while it's still sorta fresh in my mind. If this isn't your thing feel free to skip on to our regular programming...

On Monday morning, May 2nd, I woke up at 1:30am to use the bathroom. When I pulled up my pants I thought that I had peed myself, and then was like, "No, wait-I think my water broke". I went back to bed and laid there for a while, 99% sure that my water had broken. I even tried to wake sleeping Adam and told him that I was pretty sure my water had broken. He muttered something and then went back to sleep. 

I laid in bed for a while and then, since no contractions started, fell back to sleep around 4am. Adam woke for work at 5am and asked if I has said something last night about my water breaking. I said yes, but to still go into work, and I'd call my OB at 9am and see what they wanted me to do. 

Adam left for work and I went back to sleep, waking up at 7am for the day. While I was getting our day started about an hour later Adam came home and said that work sent him back, because, after telling them that my water had probably broken they said he should go home (note: good call on their part). 

[Interject: I am REALLY bad about knowing when I'm actually going to have a baby and need to head to the hospital. Like, bad bad. My contractions with Adri were 3 minutes apart when we left for the hospital 30 minutes away, and Piper was almost born in an ambulance]

So, at 9am I called my OB's office. They took another 30 minutes to call back and told me to come in and they'd check to see if my water had broken. I arrived at the office around 10am to be told yes. Yes, my water had broken and head to the hospital to be induced. Still no contractions at this point. I drove myself back home (yes, I had driven to the OB's office on my own) and we packed up the kiddos and dropped them off at my Dad's place, and then Adam and I headed to the hospital. 

At about 11am we arrived at the hospital. By the time we were admitted and settled in (all the bloodwork, paperwork, and an ultrasound done) it was 1:30pm when they hooked me up to Pitocin.

[another side note: I was pretty worried about being induced since I had heard that Pitocin can cause the baby's heart rate to drop, usually necessitating a C-section]

Anyway. they started me on a #2 drip (it increases up to #20) and contractions started right away. They were strong, but not increasing and I was still able to check my phone and talk to Adam and the nurses. 

 Around 2:30pm I told the nurses if they wanted anything to happen they'd need to up the Pitocin and they did (to a #4). Then things really kicked in. The contractions were strong, but all over the place and super painful (I had back labor with Adri and while it wasn't as bad as that, they were not pleasant). 

Around 3pm or so I told the nurses' that the baby had moved down and I was ready to push. I started pushing and then we hit a bump in the road. I'd have a super strong contraction and then nothing on the next one. So, pushing was super random. 

And then, the baby's heart rate dropped (note what I said above). So, I decided with a C-section in my future to just get him out and within the next two pushes, he arrived at 3:21pm, May 2nd. Almost 10 days before his (May 13th) due date. 

Adam Lawrence George. Our sweet little 7lb, 13oz, baby boy. 21 inches long. 

The entire birth experience was actually really pleasant, and the hospital and staff were lovely. They just let me do what I wanted and were really hands-off. It also helped that I was only in labor for about 2 hours. Out of all my three births, this was by far the best. It was fast (like all my births) which tends to be a little disorientating, but to go from no baby to baby within a few short hours is also really nice. 

Besides, I always say the best part is that he was early (both the girls were overdue). haha


  1. Congratulations! He looks like a keeper ;) What a handsome little guy and your daughters look pretty thrilled with a baby as well. Hope the days and nights are not too mixed up.

  2. Annie, he's lovely! So handsome! Glad everything went well.

  3. I'm so happy for you all! He's darling. The girls seem smitten with him and that is great!

  4. He is just beautiful!! Congratulations!!


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