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Our days lately have been filled with yard work and preparing for the baby. Now that it's warmed up we got the garden dug and filled with some lovely, rich compost that I'm so excited to start planting in. Hopefully, we have it all done by Sunday and I can get my cold weather crops all planted. 

I finally have all the baby clothes washed and sorted, beds and bassinets ready, and the only thing that I really have left to do is buy diapers and pack the hospital bag. 

This year I really planned ahead and we did school with very few breaks so that we would be able to be all done before baby's arrival, and it looks like we hit our goal. We wrap up both dance, and school middle of May and I'm super excited. I also ordered our curriculum for next year (see pics below) so that I can relax and not worry about anything school-related until September. 

Does anyone else feel like Easter snuck up on us this year? I'm totally not ready for it, and only just realized on Sunday that is was THIS coming weekend. A quick trip to Walmart, and an Amazon order (I got this, this, and these pre-filled eggs for both of the girls) and we are ready for Easter Sunday! 

We had our first family gathering of the year this past Saturday and it was so nice to all be able to hang out with a fire and cooking out again! New England winters are long and cold, and it makes Spring that much more fun when it does arrive. 

I hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday! I'm off to switch over laundry and pick up the house a bit. 


  1. We LOVE The Good and the Beautiful! Hope you all enjoy your final stretch of school.


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