Lately: March 1st Version

Happy March! I can't believe we are already in March (although I'm not at all mad about it). February FLEW by! 

We are still over here, steadily making our way through Winter, enjoying the little glimpses that we get here and there of Spring. 

In between all the snow and cold, we've had an occasionally nice warm day and it's been just lovely. 

So, to cover the month of February. 

It was cold and we got quite a bit of snow. We made a lot of food, and I've done a lot of decluttering and cleaning (planning an Ikea trip here in a week or two to grab some new house stuff and baby things).  We tapped our maple tree in the backyard and made a small jar of maple syrup (hoping it will warm up and we get some more sap soon). We've been faithfully doing school every day, and so far are still on track to be completely done with everything before baby boy's arrival in mid-May. 

Overall, February was a busy, and semi-productive month. 

Here are a bunch of photos that I've gathered over the last few weeks of life around here. Random, and not in any particular order (like our life!). 

Have a wonderful Tuesday! 


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