Happy SPRING! (a good old-fashioned blog post)

Happy SPRING! I feel like the past three weeks have flown by and I owe you all a good old-fashioned blog post. You know, the kind with unedited photos, lots of newsy stuff, and loads of random photos from my camera roll? 

So, what have we been up to? Well, for one, the weather FINALLY got the memo and warmed up for real. Like, 50 degree days and sunshine. We got 6 adorable baby chicks (check them out below), have been spending every moment we can outside, did a ton of yard work, started getting the garden area ready, moved the fairy garden to a new spot (I need to get pictures of that for you all), celebrated St. Patrick's Day, made dumplings, went for a couple of hikes, DEEP cleaned the basement, made more maple syrup, celebrated Piper Mae's half birthday, took a few walks around our neighborhood, got a bad cold (that we still have), read a lot of books, almost are done with "official" school for the year (yay!), and overall have been busy busy busy! 

Whew. Typing all that out I feel like it's a lot. 

Oh, and I've also (still) been pregnant and am now at the "whale" stage. The third trimester hit hard over here and I'm feeling it. HOWEVER. I keep telling myself I only have 8 weeks to go and then we meet baby boy and that's going to make all this worth it. I've slowly started gathering baby stuff and feel a little (just a bit) more prepared. We got rid of all the baby stuff after Piper (I mean, it was all very girl-themed anyway) so we are basically starting over. Clothes, car seat, diapers, etc. 

I got up early this morning for the first time in a long time and I'd forgotten how NICE it is. Just me, awake in the quiet. I always get so much work done in the early morning-like twice the amount that I do in the same amount of time later on in the day. 

So, I'm off to watch the sunshine and drink coffee, and plan my day.

Enjoy ALL the many photos below, and have a lovely Monday! ox


  1. Lovely photos.

    I like glimpses of life and you have a lot of life happening at your home! Eight weeks to go! It'll won't feel like it but it will fly by! I'm looking forward to hearing what you name baby boy, and seeing the girls with him.

    Speaking of the girls, the photo of them on their bikes - it looks like Adri is giving us 'the bird!' (grin)

    Hoping your colds are well over by time you have baby!

    1. I was thinking the same thing about Adri but I didn't grin. Love your home and can't wait to see the little one.

  2. I so enjoyed your post and pictures!! And I definitely see two fingers in that peace sign from your oldest. :)


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