Happy February!

Happy February! We are almost halfway through the month and I find that CRAZY. Although not unusual, as I feel like this month always goes by fast. 

This past week we celebrated both Adam's and my birthdays (I still have cheesecake waiting in the fridge to be eaten today) and now we are looking forward to watching the Super Bowl later today (we usually make pizza + wings, but today we are ordering them from a new-to-us pizzeria). 

Other things that we have done this past week include getting a new bunny as a friend for Jack (Pepper passed away in the Fall and he's been terribly lonely since). She's a sweet little 6-month-old black and white Mini Rex. I'll have to share photos soon.

We also spent yesterday morning deep cleaning the garage. Since moving, and then winter cold, it's become a catch-all for everything, and it really needed a good cleaning out. We still have boxes and such to move downstairs, but it is definitely MUCH better now. 

Speaking of yesterday, it was a glorious 50 degrees (the warmest it's been in a long time) and just lovely,! This morning we awoke to SNOW on the ground. Just when we get the promise of Spring it's taken away and That's. Just. Not. Fair. New England and her weather tricks is just plain cruel sometimes.

I'm off to pour coffee and join the kiddos in our Sunday morning Mario Kart racing (we used to do it on Saturday, but somehow it got switched to Sundays now). 

Have a lovely day!