Homeschooling Things

WARNING: random homeschooling thoughts.

After two weeks of taking of school and celebrating Christmas and the New Year, we are slowly easing back into our daily routine.

What I love most about homeschooling is that there is no "best" way. The way that works best for you, and your family is the right way. As long as children are learning, every way is the "right" way.

Our homeschooling is super, super simple. Honestly, there are three really simple reasons for that.

One; my children are still SO little, and at this age, everything is learning for them: reading books, cooking in the kitchen, playing with toys on the floor, and running wild in the backyard. There is very, very little need for "formal" schooling at their ages.  

The second reason (and I'm going to be really honest here) is that I never wanted to be a teacher. That's right. I don't enjoy teaching (in any capacity) and was never one of those girls that played school, or dreamed of being a teacher. I homeschool because that is what works for us right now. But I keep it simple so that I'm not overwhelmed with everything.

And lastly, reason number 3, this that is nothing new to me. I was homeschooled for all 12 grades and watched (and helped) many of my younger siblings learn at home as well. Curriculum, different methods, all the books, and the resources; I've seen them all (or at least most). 
There is no novelty in homeschooling for me (believe me, at times I wish there was!). So, while some may find the "newness" of the vast world home educational resources exciting, for me it's a lot of the same old same old. 

However, none of those above reasons deter me from following many fellow homeschooling social media accounts, and I love the opportunity to see how everyone chooses to do it differently. It honestly is what I think makes up the best of home education- the variety.

OKAY. This is always the point where I feel like I typed too much and go to delete it all...posting now before I change my mind.