Winter Things: Christmastime Edition

Happy Monday! We are in full-on holiday mode here, and I can't believe that we have only TWO weekends left until Christmas (and not surprisingly, both those weekends are jam-packed)! 

We still don't have snow here, but we have had some pretty frosty days. Although, yesterday was really warm (in the morning) and the kiddos got to play outside at Pa's with some of the cousins for a while. 

We've been making our way through all the holiday movies and last night was Frosty and Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer. I'm trying to fit in all the classics, along with the new holiday movies that are being released on all the streaming platforms. 

While are my dad's house yesterday the girls decorated gingerbread houses with their aunties.

Saturday night we celebrated my nephew's birthday early (it's on the 23rd) and went bowling. Everyone had a blast! The girls love bowling and we haven't gone in a while, which made it even more fun + doing it with the cousins (something we've never done) made it extra special. 

My favorite view from sitting on the couch: the tree all lit up and the twinkle lights everywhere. Piper is usually found playing underneath it with Barbies. 

As per tradition, our elves came back on December 1st. We have THREE elves, and while it's a pain to move them every night, the kids love them. 

We never PLANNED on having three, but when we moved to VT we left Happy (our original elf) in the storage unit in NY by mistake. So, that year Jolly showed up. THEN last year, while at the thrift store the kids spotted an elf and freaked out. They begged to take him home (we did) and popped him in the sugar jar to bring back his "magic". So then we had Jingles join the gang.

This year the girls did think to ask why we don't have any GIRL elves though...

Another afternoon, another Christmas movie, and LEGOS in the living room.

Adri reading to Piper, Piper eating cookies and milk, and my star-making project on the table. 

Almost-16-week-Bump is starting to show now! 

Every year we get our annual under-the-tree photo after decorating. Here is this years :) 

Have a wonderful Monday! I'm starting mine with tea and Frozen playing in the background. 


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