Bump Update: 13 Weeks

It's already time for a first official Bump update! Seriously. I never thought I'd be typing out another bump update but here we are! I have a feeling that this time around the pregnancy is going to fly by so we'll see how many of these updates I can squeeze in this time around.

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How far along: 13 weeks (as of 11/5/2021)

Size of baby: about 2.5 inches long. Basically the size of a peach.

Sleep: I was waking up a lot at night and having trouble, but now that I've been taking the meds (for morning sickness) they keep me passed out at night.

Cravings: no cravings, more like not being able to eat anything that I previously lived on. This baby seems to only like cereal, fruit, and toast, and eggs. 

Baby movement: no movement yet. But if this baby is anything like Piper Mae, once I feel it move it will never ever stop (haha). 

Gender: we are planning on finding out, but we won't know for another month or so.

Best moment this week: Piper sitting next to me, discussing how she's going to help take care of the baby, and wondering if it will be able to talk and walk when it's born (I had to break it to her that no, it's not).

We are so excited and already can't wait to meet this little one next year!


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