In case you missed our news...

...we are super excited to announce that a new little person will be joining our family in May 2022!

That's right, Baby #3 is due next year, and if you can't tell from the girl's faces, we are pretty stoked. 

Piper is thrilled to finally big a big sister and has tons of questions about how big "Bump" (our nickname for Baby) is right now, and if Bump can hear her talking yet. It's so super cute. I didn't get a chance for this amount of enthusiasm last time around, since Adri was such a baby still herself and barely understood there was another little person in my belly lol 

I've been really, really sick this time around. I'm always pretty sick (both pregnancies were really rough until 14-16 weeks) but this time around I couldn't keep any food down until last week when my OBGYN gave me meds. Thankfully they work well, and I feel SO much better. The downside is that I'm always tired now (since the meds make me sleepy). I'm just holding out for a few more weeks and with the second trimester I should be feeling better overall (and hopefully can stop taking the meds). 

Anyway. I already announced this over on Insta, so I'm sure that this is nothing new, but I always leave stuff here as well, for those that avoid social media (more power to you!) and for posterity's sake.

Happy Monday morning!



  1. I am very excited for you all!

    So sorry you are sick. Not fun. Glad you have meds that help.

  2. Congratulations! I haven't been online much lately so missed this exciting news. I hope you are feeling much better now. Blessings!


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