Welcome, September

Remember that thing called blogging? Yeah. Me neither. However, I am determined to keep this little space alive, if only to have a record saved for my children of their growing up years. This Summer has FLOWN by and while officially everyone is welcoming the arrival of Fall, the truth is that here in New England we still have a good 4-6 weeks of warm weather before it starts to cool off. 

Yes, we are starting school next week, and while our days will have more routine we will still be clinging to the last bits of Summer (especially since the tourists will, for the more part, be leaving town). We will still visit the ocean, and take daily walks, spend evenings playing in the backyard until dusk, and just soaking up the last little bits of these final days before Fall and Winter arrive for real. 

Since I've been MIA we've had a tropical storm, two Flash Flood warnings, taken multiple walks, had a backyard campout, visited IKEA not once, but TWICE, bought the girl's a new bed, and finally got enough bookshelves to put all our books on actual shelves.  

Oh, and Adri and I have been watching our new favorite show, based on one of my all-time favorite sets of books. The show is on Disney+ and SO GOOD. As per usual, the books, are SO MUCH BETTER (and there's four of them) but still, the show is really good too! Perfect for family movie nights. 

However, the most exciting thing around here is that a certain little who turns FOUR tomorrow. Yup. My baby is no longer a baby anymore! Piper Mae turns four years old, and boy, is she excited about it. We are celebrating on Labor Day with a big party with all the family, but tomorrow we'll do something fun during the day with her.

I see that last Thursday was when I last posted, so perhaps this will just be a Thursday Posting Blog? Hmm. I'll think about that for a bit. 

In the meantime, I'm off for a second cup of coffee and to prepare for an early (8:30AM) meeting. 

Happy Thursday! 


  1. Piper is four! Wow! I remember when your younger sisters were that age! I love that you are giving them a beautiful childhood!

    I’m unfamiliar with that book series but I’ll check it out!


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