The Dog Days Of Summer

I think we may have made this the BEST summer ever with the arrival of a new little family member. The kiddos (especially Adri) have wanted a dog for years now, and yesterday we brought this little love home. Her name is Daisy, and she's three, and we love her. She is the sweetest little dog and the PERFECT size for the kiddos to walk, play with and hold. She is super quiet, well-behaved, friendly, and just plain adorable. We are already in love! 

This is going to go on record as also the busiest summer ever! Each weekend is packed and flies by. However, I keep saying that if the ONLY thing that we did this year bought a house that would be enough-everything else is just a bonus.

It's been super hot here, and when it's not hot it's rainy. Adam has been busy with work, and I've still been setting up the house (and working, of course). I do have to admit that I'm almost ready for cooler weather, if only for the routine that it brings. Shorter days and earlier mornings, more time inside, and the routine that school brings. Although, please note I said ALMOST. I'm not quite ready for it yet! 

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 


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