Father's Day 2021

Our family loves traditions. Growing up we had many of them, and as my own little family has grown we've added our own.

Many of our traditions are the ones that most people celebrate, such as dying Easter eggs, or a big 4th of July party. But others, such as Eggy in a Basket for breakfast on Guy Fawkes Day, watching A Christmas Carol every Christmas Eve, our annual Thanksgiving Day hike, drinking Butter Beer on Halloween, and eating mushroom pie on Hobbit Day are more obscure.

One of my favorite traditions (and more recent) that we have is our annual Father's Day on the beach. For many, it's the first beach day of the year (the water is usually still freezing) and we love it.

As many in the family that can (and want to) show up, and we all meet early at the beach. We bring coffee, and breakfast, and enough food to last through lunch. We stay for hours and visit and lay in the sun. The brave ones take a dip in the ocean, and the kiddos play in the sand.

And we always take a ton of photos.

Enjoy these photos from a few Sundays ago. Our annual Father's Day on the Beach.