J. U. N. E. (Just Utterly Nothing Exciting).

June Days. Sometimes hot, sometimes cool. Lazy afternoons. Beach days. Hours spent around the water tables. Sheet pan dinners and evening walks. 

The sun goes to bed later, and rises early, and I turn off alarms and rise with the sun. The wee ones have dirty feet some playing barefoot all day, and we take almost nightly bathes. 

Our days all blend into one, with lots of board games, bike and scooter rides, and read-alouds. We still keep to our daily naptime/rest time routine, but other than that, every day is different, but still the same. 

The month of June is always a slow month for us. Once July and August hit we are busy with all the Summer activities. But in June we are moving away from our regular routines (our daily rhythm of school, work, and such) and we take it easy. While this makes for some very, very SLOW days, it also gives us the freedom to relax and go with the flow. 

All photos below are from our past week(ish). Just enjoying some lovely weather, good food, and adventures.