Happy Birthday Adri Rose (and a lot more photos)!

On June 1st our little Baba Goo turned SIX years old. I can't believe that I have a six-year-old. Seriously. It's only the other day that she was learning to crawl, and now she's reading! 

We ended up having a few birthdays celebration for her; one on the Sunday before her birthday, with Adam's parents, a birthday breakfast on the 1st at her Uncle Sammy's, and a big picnic party this past Sunday down at the river with my side of the family. 

She had a wonderful week of celebrating (who wouldn't) and keeps saying how much fun she had. 

Below are photos not only of her parties, but also of my niece Addy's birthday party, and a random collection of snaps from the past few weeks. I really need to get more organized with my blogging again at some point, although I don't think Summer is quite the time to be trying to do that. 

Speaking of Summer. We've had some HOT days lately. Like, true Summer weather. In the high 80's and SO sunny out. I've been loving it and so have the kids. We've been trying to get outside as much as possible, now that we have slowed down with school for the year (we are still doing some reading and math throughout the week). Adri got a new (bigger) bike for her birthday so she and Piper have been spending a ton of time riding their bikes around, as well as playing in their fairy garden. 

We had our first beach day a couple weekends ago and can't wait to go on Father's Day for our big gathering (we pack breakfast and lunch and spend the day at the beach with all of my family and my dad).  

Now I'm off to put Piper down for a nap, and prepare for my next meeting in a bit. 

Have a lovely Wednesday! 


  1. Looks like she had some great birthday celebrations! :o) Time sure flies indeed! Snuggle those babies of yours!


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