Happy FRIDAY! We've been having a whirlwind month so far! The weather warmed up for real these past 2 weeks and we've been spending a ton of time outside, soaking up the sunshine. 

We don't really have any big plans for this weekend. Today we have some grocery shopping to do, and it's movie night (we've been making our way through the Bad Batch on Disney+). Oh, and I really need to get this house cleaned I kinda let it go this week while we spent more time outside. 

We are officially done with schooling for the (school) year. I decided to call it quits as soon as the weather got warm and we were able to be outside more. We will still do some reading (for Adri) every day, but other than that we are all done! 

Speaking of Adri, I grabbed a toy bow at the thrift store a couple weeks ago, and she's now gone full-on Robin Hood. She's super into practicing shooting it and has surprisingly turned into a good shot. 

We've been taking some little walks on the beach and the kids can't wait until we have some "real" beach days (I'm holding out until the water warms up next month) and they can go swimming.

Okay. I need to get my morning started here (Adri just woke up and I have breakfast to make and a house to clean). Have a lovely weekend!