Spring has final made her way to New England and we are HERE FOR IT. The weather has been lovely lately; warm, sunny, and filled with bird songs and we've had a busy past few weeks here, trying to juggle work and school with lots of time outdoors.

The most exciting news around here is that my almost-five-year-old lost not one, but TWO teeth a couple weeks ago! Little Adri Rose is getting so big, and I can't believe it. I don't know, but somehow losing teeth seems like such a big girl thing and I'm not ready for it.

Last weekend we went on a much-needed little family get-a-way to VT/NH and it was so much fun! We got a hotel room for a few days and the girls had a blast swimming in the hotel pool. We also saw Raya and The Last Dragon in the theater (the first time that we've gone as a family!) and it was so good!

After a busy week, here at home again (why does it feel like we always need to "recover" from vacation?), some unexpected car repairs, and about 3000 playground visits (kidding, but still IT WAS A LOT), w are taking this rainy Sunday morning slowly. Lots of coffee and couch cuddles.

Have a wonderful day, and hopefully, you too are getting some nice warm weather, wherever you are located!