Happy March!

Happy March 1st! It's a drizzly Monday morning and I feel like writing a good old-fashioned blog post (something that I haven't done in FAR too long). Life has been busy, and with work, school, and family there is just not enough time leftover for long chatty posts. 

Oh, and the fact that pretty much NO ONE reads blogs now lol

I think the only reason that I keep popping into this space is to document our little family's adventures and to post for those couple of faithful readers still left here. 

Anyway. Life has been busy, the weather cold and snowy or warm and wet. The days are starting to lengthen just a little bit, and we take every 40-degree day we can get with joy (rain or sun!). 

We've been visiting the playground and taking walks with the cousins (when it's nice), or visiting the aquarium, reading books, watching endless episodes of Full House, playing Mario Cart, rearranging the house, deep cleaning, and playing so. many. board games. 

I'm just happy that we've made it through January and February and there's an end to Winter in sight! Also, March has St. Paddy's day, and it's a holiday that we all love! 

Here are some photos from our February, in no particular order. Winter days sledding in the snow, and snow-free walks. Apple butter, organized bookshelves, our current daily schedule, and playground and aquarium trips. It's all right here. 

Have a great week! 


  1. I still love blogs. They seem more personal, and you can’t get censored on your own blog! (Grin)
    Looks like you managed a lot of fun in February in spite of the snow and cold!

  2. Oy I do read . . . I just don't often comment. I usually wait until I'm laid up feeling sore or achey to catch up on the reading, but please don't stop posting.

  3. Such cute pictures! I have been really slacking at my blog lately....I totally hear you on the busyness of life! :)


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