Still here: Super Bowl Sunday, Winter Storms, and Planning For Spring!

Happy Tuesday! I can't believe that we are already in February! Hooray for heading towards SPRING! Actually, the weather hasn't let very "springish" lately.  We had TWO Winter snowstorms last week, and we're getting more snow today. The kids are having a blast in it though, so it's hard for me to get mad about it (after living in VT and NY I'm over snow). 

Anyway. We've been busy and not busy at the same time (funny how that works, right?). We've spent a lot of time playing out in the snow, we've been cooking tons of food (see the photos below) and I even took the kiddos to the aquarium last Friday! 

Sister Julia got a new puppy a couple weeks ago and little Nessa is the CUTEST thing. Adri is in love with her and having so much fun playing with her whenever we see Julia! 

Did anyone else watch the Super Bowl Sunday night? We hung in there until halftime and then everyone crashed. Not as exciting as I hoped it would be (seemed kinda predictable to me) but my team won (go Tampa Bay!) so I'm not complaining. 

If you were watching my Insta stories last night you'll see that I went to the library to stock up on some reading material. Believe it or not, I hadn't been in a while, but we have read and re-read all our (100s) of kids books and are in desperate need of some new reading material. So, I found a big stack to keep us busy on this snowy Tuesday. 

Have a lovely week!