Ready for a season change


Winter days are slow days. 

They are early, dark mornings, spent sipping coffee. 

We curl up and spend lazy days reading books, playing Mario Cart, or watching Disney movies.

Winter days are chilly. We go outside less, but when we do we bundle up in snowsuits and go to the playground, or take scooter walks around the block. 

Winter during COVID times is definitely different. There are not indoor play places, and the library (our constant hangout) is not an adventure ground for small children anymore. 

We spend more time at home, and less time meeting new friends, keeping our little circle close. 

While we love our slow mornings and short evenings we are going just a little stir-crazy. Now is the time that we start longing for beach days, sunshine, picnics, and sweaty hikes. 

Evenings spent outside, playing jump rope, and drawing with chalk sounds pretty good right now. 

We can't wait to walk to the local park, feed the ducks, and get Dairy Queen on the way home. 

Oh, and boating. Trips out on the water, with family, jumping off the boat to swim, and eating grinders in the sun. 

Almost every day one of the girls asks when Summer will be here and while I do give the more accurate answer (in a few months) more often it's a simple, "Not soon enough". 

Because we are longing for Summer. Winter, you've been fun, but we are ready for a season change here in New England. 

Please and thank you.