Thanksgiving 2020


Hello everyone! I hope that you had a wonderful long weekend, and your Thanksgiving was a great one! We had a very small gathering at my dad's (not all of the family came) and it was really nice and laidback. It was raining on and off, so we had to forgo our annual Thanksgiving walk, but we did spend lots of time out on the deck in between showers (the weather was SO warm). 

Adam and I both worked on Friday, and then we kicked into holiday gear on Saturday and got our tree and decorated it! The house is all festive now, and we pulled out all the Christmas books, and have been playing Christmas music. I know that the holidays are looking a lot different for many of us this year, but I'm still determined to make the most of them!

Our Elf on the Shelf came back on Saturday as well, but I take a super lazy approach and basically just move them around the house at night (nothing big or dramatic happens). This year we have THREE of them (I'm NOT getting more) and the kids love it.  We started with Happy, our original Elf from New York, and when we arrived here in Connecticut last year Happy was still in storage in NY (the kiddos didn't know that though) and we had a NEW Elf, named Jolly, arrive in place of Happy. 

Move forward 7 months and we find ANOTHER Elf at the thrift store and the children begged to bring him home (they were SO worried about him being there). We brought him home, put him in the sugar jar to bring back his magic, and he was gone in the morning (you should have seen their faces!).  

Soooo, Happy returned this year, the new Elf (Jolly) came back as well, and the Thrift Store Elf (I don't think he has a name) is here this year too. 

So. Yeah. Too many elves to bother doing anything fun with them other than moving them from room to room after the kiddos go to bed. 

Okay. I'm off to clean my house and pour a second cup of coffee. Have a lovely Tuesday! 



  1. I like your approach to the Elf on the Shelf thing. I'm glad it wasn't a thing when my kids were young!

    I love seeing that big table set and the wonderful food, and reading that you had a 'small' gathering at your Dad's house! {grin} Time together to be thankful is a wonderful thing. Those plates are gorgeous, also.

    Your tree is lovely. It really sets the tone of holiday cheer in our homes, doesn't it?


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