Christmas 2020


Happy New Year's Eve! We don't really have any big plans for tonight. Both Adam and I have work today, so we'll probably do an early celebration with the kiddos, send them to bed and then hang out for a little while tonight. 

We had a wonderful Christmas! Just a super lazy day with the four of us. We played games, took naps, ate way too much, and the girls played with all their new gifts. 

I feel like I've fallen off the "blogging horse" the past few months, and that is simply because life got just plain BUSY. Between work and homeschooling, and the rest of life something had to be pushed to the back burner, and that was social media. 

Anyway. I don't think anyone even really reads blogs now, do they? 

Don't worry. If you do happen to be one of the few faithful friends remaining, I will continue to update here when I can, since this is also like a personal journal/photo dump place for me.

Anyway. While I've been gone: We've been enjoying Winter, getting ready for Christmas, reading lots of books, cooking lots of food, having tons of (costly) car repairs vehicle likes to need work the week of Christmas, and this year it came in the form of new power steering lines and new tires.

Today we clean our house and prepare to welcome the New Year. I always pay the end-of-the-month bills, start the new calendar, and open my new planner. It's a fun way to prepare physically for the New Year. 

Speaking of New Year. Who else is READY to say GOODBYE to 2020? Not just me? Good, I didn't think I was alone. 

This has been a crazy, weird, sad, and strange year. I can't wait to say goodbye to it and am really looking forward to 2021.

Okay. I'm off to get my first cup of coffee (speaking of coffee. Take a look at this blog post that I had written for my work's blog). I also have tons of photos of our Christmas + the past few weeks down below.

See you next year!