Halloween 2020

Hello hello! It's been a busy few weeks over here. We celebrated Halloween, and now I can't believe that we are already into November! 

I have about half of my Christmas shopping done (my goal is to always have about 90% of my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving).  A few more orders to place/random things to purchase and I'm mainly done! That leads me to wonder, do most of you shop before or after Thanksgiving? I like to have it all done and then spend the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating, wrapping presents, and doing all the holiday things! 

While it may be November here, the weather hasn't got the memo yet. It's been beautiful out! We had a couple rainy weeks and now it's sunny and in the high 60s and 70s! We've been taking a lot of walks and going to the playground! 

In addition to Christmas shopping, another thing that I like to do to prepare for the holidays is to start cleaning out and purging toys and books. Not only does it make the house feel cleaner, but it makes room for new things. I just got rid of about 50 kids books (maybe that sounds like a lot, but that shows you just how many children's books we have) and tomorrow I'll sort through the stuffed animals (there won't be as many of those because I just got rid of a bunch a few months ago). 

We had a really fun Halloween. It was a little different than other years (with COVID and everything) but I was really impressed with how creative people got.  The girls were Anna and Elsa, and Adam and I dressed up as Sven and Kristoff. We walked around our neighborhood, and the girls got way too much candy (no, seriously, we still have bags of it). 

Oh, and then there was the Election, and we went and voted! It was a fun chance to introduce the girls to how our country is run (although, Piper kept thinking that we were going BOATING. Adri got it though lol). 

So, yes, super busy here and we're ready to have some fun and joy and celebrate the holidays. 2020 has been a rough year, you guys.