• Last week was a busy one, and we also had a busy, but wonderful weekend. Adam has been out of town on work for the past 4 days, and is finally coming home tonight-we are more than excited to see him again! 
  • On Saturday we celebrated my nephew's 7th birthday. There was a lot of good food, sack races, tons of presents, and (the favorite for the kiddos) a bouncy house. 
  • On Sunday I took the kiddos to a corn maze in the morning, and then we went over to my dad's to hang out and make a mushroom pie. We visited for the afternoon and then went for a quick trip to Target before heading home for the night. 
  • I've been on a de-cluttering spree since last week and I've been getting rid of all the things. I'm not sure if it's being inside more or the changing seasons, or just finally getting tired of so much stuff. Maybe a bit of each? Anyway. The house has been feeling so much more organized lately as a result.
  • We've been keeping up with our weekly nature walk with the cousins on Thursdays and it's such fun. Our explorations are taking us to all the local trails and nature preserves around us. 
  • Other life-latelies have been harvesting the pineapple that we grew (it tasted good!) and a trip to the dentist for Adri's cleaning. 
  • We have been trying the different cuts of venison from the deer Adam got a few weeks ago. I made b.b.q ribs on Friday night and they were delicious! 
  • We are enjoying a rainy Monday over here, drinking tea, and playing games. I think we are going to venture out here for a rainy walk soon. 
  • Have a fantastic Monday! 


  1. These are great days! I'm glad you are able to get out and around with the kids and cousins! Beautiful photos...


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