My baby turns THREE (a letter to Piper Mae)

Dearest Piper. 

Peeps. Pipes Mae. Tina. Tiny. Peeper. 

I can't believe that today you turn three. Although, it seems that you have been two FOREVER. The day you turned two you started telling everyone you were three. And never stopped. Now you are thrilled that you can really say that you are three. 

You are my wild child. My baby. My little adventurer. 

Crazy strong, and determined to do everything on your own. You rolled over at two days old and started walking early. You climb everything and try to sneak out of the house every chance that you get. Oh, and you potty trained yourself at 25 months. 

You are sweet and so affectionate. You love to cuddle and play with your sister. Speaking of sister. You worship Adri Rose. You love her so much and wouldn't know what to do without her. 

You love books, and Blippi (who I hate). You love animals, babies, playing outside, fairies, and unicorns. 

You love the color blue. Like, really, really love it. 

You love to eat, and enjoy every meal. Tomatoes and sushi are probably your favorites.  

You say that you want to be a firefighter when you grow up. 

The biggest goal of your little life is to meet your hero (Blippi) in person. 

You look like your dad, and act like only you. You have a sweet little smile, the same laugh as Adri Rose, and the happiest personality.

We love you, Piper Mae. So very, very much. 

ox, Mama


  1. So sweet! I think Adri looks like Adam, too. Happy Birthday to Piper!


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