Fall bucket list: 2020

I feel like for the first time in years I'm able to REALLY enjoy Fall. While Upstate New York is lovely, the Autumn season is very very short. Basically, it's a week-long, and then the snow flies and the leaves are off the trees. The last time I remember enjoying the season and really soaking it in was when I was living in Vermont, a lifetime ago. 

Yes, we were here in New England last year, but we had JUST moved into our new place and everything was crazy busy. So, this year I'm HERE FOR IT. 

Queue; all the Fall and Halloween decorations and festivities. 

It's been a while since I wrote out a good old bucket list, so here you go. A little list of the plans that I have for this season! As always, I'm keeping it short because then we'll be more likely to actually DO everything. 

Just keeping it realistic, guys. 

Okay, here it is! 

Fall Bucket List 2020

+ go apple picking

+ make an apple pie

+make mushroom pie (I haven't yet this year)

+take family photos

+plan some Fall crafts for the kiddos

+go for an evening walk on the beach

+make mulled cider

+visit the cider mill

+rake leaves

+carve/paint pumpkins

+plan Halloween costumes

+make cider slushies