Summer Things


Happy Thursday! How's your week going so far? We've been busy having out with the cousins, enjoying the heat (not), working, and ordering tons of books from the library (me).
Today we are going to spend the afternoon at my dad's. We haven't seen my sisters since last week and the girls are really missing them! 

As much as I love summer, I have to admit that I'm about ready for cooler weather. The humidity is draining and, we'd like to be able to visit the park again without it being 90+ degrees! 
The kiddos are already planning their Halloween costumes, although there is a chance that we might just be wandering around town to the relative's houses to trick or treat this year (not too bad, considering that there are 7 within walking distance). 

Last weekend was a lazy one, and we spent it floating down the river (Saturday) and visiting at my brother's (Sunday). I'm pretty sure that this weekend is including a trip to the beach at some point, and maybe a walk somewhere. 

I'm off to drink more coffee and tackle my to-do list. Have a great day!

*all photos a collected from the past week


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