It's the weekend!

Happy Saturday! How's your weekend going? We are enjoying a hot, sunny, and busy day so far. 
We've been to the landfill, cleaned the house, read books, played outside, went for a walk in the park, got gelato, went to some yard sales, and even visited the thrift store (we found some treasures!).
Now we are home, relaxing, and getting ready for a visit to my dad's for sushi later on. 

I've been busy planning for school lately (we are using a combination of this curriculum+gathered resources).  Since Piper's birthday is the 3rd of September, we never start school until after Labor Day Weekend. So while we've been doing a little here and there we start "for real" in 2 weeks. Our nature study game is going strong though, and we spent last Thursday with the cousins visiting a nearby nature preserve (I'm hoping that we make this a weekly thing!).

I placed a ton of books on hold at the library the other day and most of them came in all at one time. I'll have to put a "What I've Been Reading" post together for your guys because they are really good books! 

That's our weekend so far. How's yours going?