Current Reads

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It's been a while since I posted a "What I've Been Reading"! I ordered a bunch of books in from the library the other day, but I also found so great books at the thrift store over the weekend. That means that I've been reading up a storm the past couple of days! 

Okay, so here, we go...

The Little Book Of Hygge. Easy to read, entertaining, and full of cozy ideas for improving your Hygge.

The Goose Girl. I love a fairytale retelling and this one is no exception. It's the story of The Goose Girl, but not as you remember it! (Bonus: It's part of a series)

the Jesus Storybook Bible. Not a new book, but we've been doing this for Bible Time in the morning and it's so good! If you don't have this little Bible I recommend that you get it (it was my Mom's #1 children's Bible recommendation!).

The Montessori Toddler. I haven't opened this one yet, but I plan on reading some today. It's been on my to-read list for a while! 

Frugal Luxuries by the Seasons. Remember when I talked about the companion to this book, Frugal Luxuries? I had to check this one out since I loved the other one so much. This is just as good! 

Rag Doll Press. These are charming little books. If you've never heard of the world of Biscuit, Button and Pickles I urge you to explore it. Your children will LOVE these books (we especially love Ivy Cottage).

Five-Minute Devotions For Children. Another book we've been reading in the morning. This is the New Testament (we also have the Old). 

The Fourteen Bears In Summer And Winter. I never heard of this book before buying it and I LOVE it. It is SO sweet. It's worth reading it for the illustrations alone. Yes, it's that good! Perfect for little kiddos (my almost-3-year-old and 5 year old sat quietly to listen for the whole thing). The only problem is that it apparently costs a fortune...

We're All Wonders. Even if you haven't read the best-selling Wonder book I'm sure that you saw the movie . This is a condensed, children's version, and just perfect for my small ones. It's all about inclusiveness, and not being afraid of those that are different.