weekend things

We had a hot and busy weekend here.  Most of it was spent near water in some way, whether it was in pools or the ocean. 

This heatwave is supposed to break at the end of the week, and hopefully, that means rain at some point (it's been way too long since we had rain). 
Yesterday was the hottest day yet, and I took the kiddos over to my dad's for the day to swim in their unicorn pool and stay cool.

Today we have no plans, other than taking it easy (and of course, staying cool). While I type the wee ones are still both sleeping (a rare thing!) and the house is quiet.

We are planning Piper Mae's 3rd birthday in just a little over a month! So crazy to think that my baby is going to be THREE. Well, who am I kidding- she's been saying she's three since she turned two (insert eye roll). 

One of the highlights of the weekend was Adri getting a new bed (she's been begging for a bunk bed and she got a loft bed)! She loves it! Downside? Piper now wants one too (I told her when she's five she can have one).

Okay, I'm off to get some cold brew and enjoy these last few minutes of peacefulness. 

Have a wonderful and lovely Tuesday!