Taking Stock {7/10/2020}

Hello, and happy FRIDAY! I am SO ready for this weekend. It's supposed to rain for the next two days (we actually have a storm warning in effect right now) so we are planning all the indoor activities (movies, games, crafts, and such). 
It's been a while since we had a good old "Taking Stock" so here you go! 

Outside my window: This morning is super foggy. It's already almost 75 degrees and I'm sure that the sun will poke his head out soon.

In my cup: I hate hot drinks in the Summer-except for my morning cup of coffee. Today I've got some new Fresh Roast coffee that I'm trying and I've added white chocolate creamer to it. 

Making: Not too much lately. It's literally been too hot to do anything, so we've been taking it easy. I think I may pull out my watercolors this weekend though.

Hoping: That this heat wave lets up. It's been the high 80s and 90s all week, and while I love the heat, the humidity I can't take. Also, maybe it would be okay with central air, but since we don't have that we are just sitting around melting into puddles...

Loving: How well all my plants are doing in this hot weather, While I may be too hot they are definitely not and everybody is getting so big! 

In the kitchen: Again, it's been hot, so we are sticking with easy things like salads, sandwiches and crock-pot meals. Tonight we are having hot dogs and mac and cheese for dinner. 

Reading: I'm re-reading Big Red. Honestly, I LOVE that book and haven't read it in years. I picked it up yesterday and now I can't put it down! Anyone else a fan of Jim Kjelgaard's books? 

Planning: To take this weekend easy. I did have some plans for being productive but the rain and the heat are getting in the way. So, we are sticking to home and not much else. If the weather is nice on Sunday morning I do think that we might try to go to the beach though.

Excited about: Littest sister and my niece have their dance recital on Monday night! Due to COVID they ended up filming it ahead of time and are showing at the outdoor theater near us! We can't wait to see it! 

Have a great weekend!